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πŸ–‘ How To:
* Safety Spot is intended to be placed on the side of the car, behind the back passenger door - generally above the tire well.

* Ask your child to place their hand on the Safety Spot, and educate them on the dangers of parking lots and the importance of not playing or running off. Vehicles can be dangerous and drivers cannot always see them.

* Unload or load other kids, or groceries - while your child keeps their hand on the Safety Spot at all times.

* The Safety Spot is intended to educate your child to stand still in one spot momentarily. After a couple lessons, your child should learn the habit of placing their hand on their Safety Spot.

πŸ–‘ Application Tips - for CAR MAGNETS:
* Prior to application, clean the metallic surface and the Magnet with a mild detergent. Wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry. Follow the recommendations on the detergent and those of the car manufacturer.
* Ensure surface is metallic and smooth, flat or only slightly curved.
* Don’t apply the Magnet on an area that isn’t steel or metal or that has extensive non-metallic fillers. Aluminum, wood or fiberglass will not function as a surface. Note: Not all cars, or all parts of cars, are magnetic.
* The Magnet should be at room temperature when applying.
* Take care when handling the Magnet in extremely cold conditions, as it can become brittle.
* The Magnet is not for use under water or on aircraft.
* Please remove Magnet prior to washing vehicle!
* MaMi Inspired, LLC is not responsible for loss of product, child safety or surfaces this product is used on.