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Where it all began...

The idea for Safety Spot was born when my then 10 month old daughter started walking.
Pair independent, strong willed baby who was an early mover
+ new mom who wanted nothing more than a solution to keep her safe and happy
= chaos.
We started with teaching her to put her hand on the gas cap and called it her "Safety Spot".
Except toddler hands are never clean - and my husband started to complain of the handprints on his new car, so I suggested a sticker, or bumper sticker.
PSA: Don't suggest adding kids' stickers to a new dad who is still struggling with the idea of having Cheerios inside his new car.
So the next solution - a removable magnet. Surprisingly, this got new dad approval!
 Safety Spot Magnets - in the making
To add more fun and give my daughter a sense of pride and space - we dove into the arts and crafts. She picked a couple paint colors and we printed her hand onto paper. The purple print ended up missing paint on the palm - in the shape of a heart. We fell in love with the imperfection. I then digitized her handprints and made 1 magnet for her to use.
Fast forward to my son being born - and the need and desire for the Safety Spot became not just a fun thing to have - but a pure necessity. There are no parenting books that explain the logistics and order to unloading multiple kids from the car, and I suddenly found the need for not just one magnet - but two - per car. Depending on the order of kid entry/exit or if groceries were involved - I often ended up on the opposite side of the car than the Safety Spot was on.
While discussing the need for more magnets, a friend - who was about to become a first time Aunt - encouraged me to not just make 3 more - but to take the idea and offer it to all parents.
Starting a business while on maternity leave with your second child - seemed like the worst timing - but I still needed 3 more magnets for myself - so I accepted the challenge.
Now not only do my kids both have their own Safety Spots - but I've enjoyed helping other kids and parents find their very own Safety Spot.
With more than 35 color combinations and a Trademark - Safety Spot has grown from idea, to reality, to necessity, to hobby, to business. Huge THANK YOU to all of my customers and cheerleaders - especially to my two kids, who continue to inspire me everyday.